A gentle vineyard breeze

Andreas Bender enters the stage of German viticulture in 2010 as an unorthodox and creative thinker making an impressive debut to the wine scene.
It’s with certainty that we can say, ”From this young man you will hear a lot over the years to come."
As a quality-oriented, ambitious, unconventional, self-made winemaker, Andreas delivers new life into the conventional German standards. His high caliber wines are produced from grapes grown throughout the Pfalz and at the Mosel. When Andreas first started his vine to wine venture he inherited a few vineyards from relatives and little by little, year after year, he adds a few more well chosen plots.

Old traditions, new interpretations
Bender grew up the son of a vine grafter and roamed the vineyards and cellars since he could walk, yet he dismisses the common doctrines and tackles things differently than many of his colleagues. He rejects bad habits of industry and breathes new life into old traditions. Even more unusual is his marketing concept - he operates through an agency. Soehlke, Managing Director of Smart Wines in Cologne ,states ”we enjoyed the perfect combination of high-quality wines and dynamic innovation, it’s a project we liked from the beginning. So we decided to partner with Andreas Bender and offer our support. We need such wineries, such wines in Germany.”

Premium grapes from the best locations
Andreas shares his guiding principle, ”the most important thing is first-class grapes from prime locations. I’m uncompromising on my quality and loyalty to customers.” He is particularly proud of his 3.5 hectares of Riesling vineyards located in his home town, Leiwen, along the Mosel. One of these hectares even belonged to his ancestors which he has now inherited. These Mosel vineyards give rise to his Paulessen and Hofpäsch Rieslings, which are named after his family’s 17th century estates. In order to obtain the best grapes, Bender not only hasmany hectares of carefully selected vineyards but also works closely with trusted wine growers who grow grapes according to his specifications. That a lot of work for one man!

Young, elegant, contemporary
The name Bender symbolize, young, elegant, clean and modern. He produces both sophisticated and approachable premium wines that connoisseurs, enthusiasts, as well wine novices can enjoy. "I want my wines to appeal to all, from experts to the young urban audience who are so eager to learn more about wine and searching for quality.”

Andreas Bender wine project is built on a number of unique concepts:

Traditional and classic vineyard management with profound respect for terroir. Priority work in the vineyard includes: hand picking, gentle handling of the grapes, and spontaneous fermentation. Not to mention the ability to work with nature, which is more often than not unpredictable.

Modern wine-making methods featuring temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks, refrigerated fermentation, and oak maturation.

Youthful and dynamic with an innovative attitude - this begins with the personality of the winemaker. Andrea’s careful selection in customers, his business concept, and the marketing make him unique and also allows him to build long lasting relationships. The label is a perfect example, it’s clear, current, classic yet noticeable.

As a child
Bender, born in 1980, grew up surrounded by wine. His father grafted grape stalks, taught him about vine and grape characteristics, about the importance of terroir and furthered Andrea’s natural instinct for identifying the best vineyard locations. It’s of little surprise that after a childhood of working in the vineyard Andreas began making his own wine at age 13!
He later refined the craft through practicums with several German wineries and lengthy stays in the USA, France, Austria and Italy. To further his academic knowledge he spent a few semesters studying Enology and viticulture in Geisenheim then moved into the business and marketing side of the wine trade. But our young Andreas was forever restless to start his own project.
In 2006 partnered with an Austrian, Leo Hillinger, to build a project called LEO / GermanHill but Andreas still had bigger dreams in mind. At the end of 2008 he devoted his attention to his own wine project which he presented to the public in 2010.

Lateral thinker
In order to produce the best quality grapes of the region, Bender takes his "One Man Show" on the road and travels constantly between his old home on the Mosel and his new love, the Palatinate, otherwise known as Pfalz. He states, "The diverse soils in the Palatinate - gravel, sand, clay, loess, limestone and red sandstone - offer optimal conditions for dimensional and complex wines. “
Bender knows exactly how to exploit a wine’s potential…from an elegant Riesling to a powerful Cabernet Sauvignon…every bottle delivers. His unorthodox mindset is evident when making Cabernet sauvignon; in years in which Cabernet, a late ripening grape, doesn’t get enough direct sunlight Andreas doesn’t make any Cabernet because he knows the tannins are too unripe. Instead he lets the grapes hang and makes a Cabernet Ice wine - an absolute indulgence and rarity!