Andreas Bender

The young, unconventional self-made winemaker, Andreas Bender produces premium red and white wines in his home region on the Moselle and in the Palatinate. Andreas Bender, born and raised in Leiwen, is a quality-oriented and dedicated vintner. He stands out from his colleagues for his ‘off the beaten track approach to wine making.’
He bases much of his work on the French model of "Négociant éleveur.” Someone who owns his vineyards, controls the growing of the grapes and sells the wine. Bender owns several vineyards outright, adding a few plots when opportunity arises. He also works closely with other grape producers in the region who cultivate some 15 hectares by his standards. Careful vineyard management is paramount. Andreas chooses locations that produce first class wines and then hand selects the grapes for his signature cuvées.

Hailing from a family of winemakers, Bender has always been immersed in the world of wine. Making him a perceptive winemaker who knows the seasonal wishes of his clients. Several years ago, he devoted himself exclusively to building his own winery where is guiding principle is the combination of old and new coupled with his uncompromising stance on producing excellent wines. He’s a traditionalist when it comes to choosing prime soils, hand selecting grapes, careful cellar work, simple winemaking methods and natural fermentation. But his contemporary "wine-thinking" is clearly visible with his label design and his belief that wines need to be accessible and fun. That they do not intimidate beginners and do not bore the connoisseur. This even applies to his three entry cuvées, simply called, The Red, The White and the Rosé.

A step up from his entry cuvées, are his single varietal wines, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon which come from the Palatinate, also known as Pfalz. But closest to Bender’s heart are two Rieslings that he produces in the Mosel, partly from his family's vineyards. The dry modern stylistic Paulessen and the classically sweet Hofpäsch, both named after his ancestral family house in Leiwen.

Regardless of entry level cuvée, demanding Pinot Noir or top Riesling from the Mosel the following applies to all of Andreas Bender’s wines - they are so much fun to drink that every glass is better than the first!